Bible Study

Pastor Peter holds a Bible study at Burcham Hills on Tuesdays at 10 am in the Slate Room. We are currently studying the book of the Acts of the Apostles. Guests are welcome to join, but must be Covid free and wear a mask to enter the facilities.

We will be resuming our Bible Study at Pilgrim on Monday mornings at a new time. The first meeting will be Monday, September 19 from 11:30 to 1:00 pm. Everyone is welcome to come.

Coat Bank

Our neighbor, St. Luke Lutheran Church, will once again host a Coat Bank on October 15, November 5 and 16, and December 3. See times on our Bulletin Board or call the church office. (If you have gently used adult winter coats to donate, they will be gladly accepted).

Special Zoom Meeting

There will be a Congregational Conversation on Saturday, September 24, at 10:30 AM. We will meet by Zoom. Zoom invitations will be emailed a few days prior to the meeting. 

For years now we have been discussing the future of Pilgrim Church. We have looked at various options we could choose. A survey was sent out, tabulated, and reported out to the membership this summer. We will meet this one final time for further discussion on the survey, choices, and discerning what God wants us to do. After this meeting the EMT will set an official Congregational Meeting for a formal vote on this issue. 

Please plan to join in the Zoom meeting on September 24th.

Reopening Committee

The Reopening Committee will continue tracking the numbers as reported by BridgeMI. When the numbers fall below 10 per 100,000 and remain under 10 for three weeks, we will again make masks in the sanctuary optional.  The Committee will consider opening the church for small events with Covid guidelines in place.

Neighborhood Pantry

Thanks to those of you that put food directly in or send in money so that Judy Hackett can purchase food for the pantry. Pilgrim has been able to put in food most days. Depending on the weather, fresh food such as fruits, vegetables, bread, cheese, yogurt and lunch meats have been purchased. Weather dictates some of the items that are put in.

REMEMBER: Food must have a current use date and purchased from a store. Dated and opened items are removed from the Pantry.