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Our History

In September of 1887 Plymouth Congregational Church, located on the west side of the Grand River, organized a Sunday School on the east side of the Grand River in order to reach the families on the east side of Lansing. It was called the “Plymouth Sunday School Branch”. It was first located in a storefront on Larch St. and then in a school house, also on Larch. The attendance grew and prospered and in December 1892 the members agreed to move forward with becoming a separate church—know to most as Pilgrim Congregational Church.

Pilgrim joined the newly formed United Church of Christ in 1959.

The U.C.C. was formed with the intention of not being another denomination, but rather, an umbrella for all different kinds of followers of Jesus Christ to come together for spiritual growth and service of God.

The United Church of Christ actively

+bringing people everywhere together;

+ promotes cooperation sacramentally

and partnering in missions

between all kinds of churches and denominations;

The U.C.C. recognizes two sacraments: Baptism and The Lord’s Supper (also known as Communion.) Each congregation may practice its own form of worship and handles other special ceremonies such as confirmation, marriage, ordination and burial.

The local church is the basic unit of the U.C.C. Congregations work together through Associations and Conferences and have a national meeting every 2 years. The U.C.C. is a concerned church that witnesses to the Gospel by getting involved locally, nationally and worldwide.

Being a part of the U.C.C. means being an active Christian—growing in faith and serving in the world.

Our Staff

Peter Robinson


Janet Boling


Lynn Pulling

Music Coordinator

Lynn Davis


Craig Jones

Videographer and Technician

Jay Weessies

Financial Administrator